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Blue Feathers, Bright Flames is a young adult novella about 17-year-old Leigh Carpenter, who suddenly finds herself slammed with a mental health crisis. At the same time, she begins finding herself in a magical land called Green, where animals talk and trees bend to her will, but where a monster lurks. What’s real? What’s not? And how will Leigh find peace?

"Leigh opened her eyes, and her immediate thought was of falling. All around her was open air and the tops of trees, green and round like leafy pillows. The feeling of vertigo passed, and she felt the strength of the tree beneath her feet running up her legs and into her fingers. She reached her arms above her head toward the sky, stretching away the lethargy of the waking world.

Gazing over the expanse of forest, Leigh turned in each direction, taking it all in. The sky itself was green. Green like a new leaf breaking through the soil. The sun was hidden by big, pink clouds. In the distance, there was the hint of purple mountains.

Mid-turn, something stopped her. Far away, she saw a darker swath of forest. Instead of rounded treetops, she saw blackened branches scraping the sky. Sinister ribbons of smoke crept up, forming a haze that marred the horizon..."

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